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Department of ENT catering to the population of not only West Delhi but also neighbouring states like Up, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, Uttarkhand to providetertiary level care for the patients. Dept. provides diagnostic, medical and surgical management treatment facilities.Dept. is also the zonal referral centre of West Delhi.
Apart from providing medical care, department is involved in the training of post graduate students pursuing DNB course along with research activities.

No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Dr.Jasmeet Kaur HOD 25494404(EXT NO.381)
2 Dr.A K Mehta SAG (EXT NO.385)
3 Dr.Gitanjali Bugnait SPL (EXT NO.382)
4 Dr.Sanjay Prakash SPL (EXT NO.384)
5 Dr.Dinesh Varshney MO (EXT NO.384)
6 Dr.Saurabh Jain MO (EXT NO.384)

List of Services Provided

  • 24 hour emergency services available on all days to cater to accident, trauma, medicolegal cases and other emergency surgeries and medical conditions of ear nose and throat
  • OPD services 6 days a week to diagnose and treat all ENT complaints along with daily minor operative procedures ,audiometric evaluation ,OAE and BERA
  • Major surgeries conducted 2 days a week.
  • Disability certificates being issued.
  • Medical examination of UPSC and other officials

A.    Surgical treatment Services
All major and minor surgical procedure like.

  • NOSE - Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, FESS, Fracture nasal Bone reduction, Inf. Turbinate reduction, Nasal mass excision, Maxillectomy, Endodacrocystorhinostomy, nasolabial cyst excision ,Mucocele of paranasal sinuses.
  • EAR– Myringotomy,Gromette insertion,Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy, Stapedectomy, Lobuloplasty , Cysts removals
  • THROAT - Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Hemiglossectomy , Esophagoscopy and Biopsies
  • NECK -Microlaryngeal surgery s,Thyroidectomy,Laryngoectomy,Parotidectomy,Sistrunk operation, submandibular gland surgery,Neck dissection and other Head and Neck surgery including oncosurgery

List of Indoor Service
Routine patients are admitted for medical and surgical treatment.
Emergency Patients who needs emergency procedure i.e. Trauma cases, Foreign body and stridor are admitted and provided relevant treatment.

All major and minor operation and all kinds of endoscopic procedures-

  • Diagnostic Nasal endoscopy
  • Direct Laryngoscopy
  • Oesophagoscopy
  • Otoendoscopy

OPD days and timing


Special Clinic in OPD (Timing 2 to 4 PM )

Rhinology clinic – Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Friday
Deafness/Vertigo clinic- Thursday
Cancer/Tumourclinic- Friday

Achievement about the department:-

  1. The department is a tertiary centre for national programme for prevention & control of deafness of GOI, wherein hearing impaired children are diagnosed at the earliest in order to rehabilitate them.
  2. DNB training is conducted for primary & secondary students.
  3. The department had conducted training session for taking nasopharyngeal & oropharyngeal swabs for RTPCR for Covid-19 for lab technicians of DDUH &neighbouring dispensaries.
  4. The doctors of ENT have been performing duties in various covid wards, emergency, ICU strengthening the hands of anesthetics & physicians.
  5. Dr. Nikhil Sec DNB student was awarded for his hard work in Covid on 15 Aug 2021.

  6. Department has established a skill lab (Temporal Bone Lab) for the training of DNB candidate.
  7. Cancer awareness week was observed in first week of Feb 2022 for screening & early detection & treatment of Head & Neck Cancers.

  8. World hearing Day was observed in September 2022& general public was made aware of diseases of ear causing deafness through posters,health talks &nukkadnataks.